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DSC Alexor Wireless Burglar Alarm System

DSC Alexor - Professional Wireless Alarm System



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Designed to be a professional grade wireless alarm system, the DSC Alexor is now available for DIY installations too, this top of the range alarm system is simple to install and setup needing just an afternoon to fully protect an average size home. Designed and made in Canada by the same parent company that makes alarm systems for ADT, Tyco have ensured that the best possible technology goes into this impressive system, yet have been able to keep the system at a reasonable price.
The DSC Alexor system boasts an impressive number of features usually only found on commercial systems while at the same time as been designed to blend into your homes decor with a clean, sleek and un-intrusive cosmetic finish. It can be setup to protect your home or office from both intruders and fire and this is one of the only DIY systems in the UK that can be connected to an alarm receiving centre, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the appropriate emergency services can be dispatched when required.
Installing the system is simple thanks to an automated device pairing feature that allows you to connect extra keypads, detectors, door contacts and more in seconds. During the pairing process the Alexor alarm system will also check to ensure that the placement of the sensors in your home is within its high 100m indoor range, its easy to read alpha-numeric display give you all the feedback you need to get the system up and running in no time. Have pets? That’s also not a problem for the DSC Alexor alarm system, as by choosing the Pet Immune sensors, your dog or cat will not set off the alarm while you are out. To find out more, please see the links above for installation instructions or click here for a full installation and usage video.

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