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Epilator, Trimmer & Hair Removal Buying Guide

Tired of razor nicks? Don’t like the sound of waxing? Then our effective hair removal products may be just what you’re looking for! They are also a good choice for people who can not use certain creams because of sensitive skin.
Electrical hair removal products mainly come in two different forms. Trimmers and epilators, which in a lot of ways are the same product, the main difference being in the way they remove the hair.

Once the epilator has been used, you won’t need to use it again (on average) for another four weeks! Epilators pull out the hair from the roots, which can be slightly painful, but the results are what make it so popular. Besides, no pain, no gain, right ladies! Modern technology has allowed the Epilator to be built with to reduce the small amount of discomfort it may cause.
An epilator can be used to remove hair from several body parts like legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Newer epilators are even designed to remove facial hair. Various models of epilators are available with specialised attachments to suit hair removal from different body parts.

Types of Epilators
Depending on your style and taste, we sell many different models and styles of epilators. For example, sell ones that comes with a soothing ice pack, to reduce any slight pain in may cause. Search our website for Epilators that provide a pivoting massage system, which relaxes your skin and eases the sensation of epilation (Which is also detachable for easy cleaning) Some Epilators listed will come with active massaging rollers that minimize the pulling sensation even more.
 It’s important to remember however that epilators should not be used if you have varicose veins, blemishes or irritated skin.

A trimmer is basically an electric shaver. It’s a brief, painless method of hair removal. The effect will last for a shorter amount of time than an epilator, but they are still advantageous in that you can’t cut yourself with them, unlike when using a razor.

Types of Trimmers
Like the Epilators, we stock a lot of different types and styles of trimmers to suit all your needs.
For instance, depending on where the service is required, we sell ‘Nose and Beard’ Trimmers.
Other types include trimmers for shaving unwanted hairs on your face & neck, and also precision eyebrow shaping, side burns and beards.
A lot of our trimmers are battery operated, which is great for when travelling! But we also sell mains operated as well, depending on your taste.
Most of our trimmers are waterproof, but please check it is listed as so on our website before ordering. If it does not state so, then please do not presume it is.

Home laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is also no longer something that’s confined to the salon, as more products come to market allowing you to perform this procedure at home. It’s safe as the laser is not as powerful as the one you would get in a salon, so you may need to take a little longer to get the results you need, but when the products costs the same as just one session, it works out a great deal cheaper.

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