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Breadmaker Buying Guide

Buying Guides – Bread Makers

Bread Maker with BreadBread makers are great for all you home cooking fanatics out there! Especially with the rise in popularity of organic foods, a bread-maker lets you determine exactly what you want to put into your bread. So, it will also suit those who have an intolerance or allergy to some of the ingredients found in standard bread. It gives you a chance to be inventive in the kitchen.

It’s also great for families and children wanting to explore the world of cooking for the first time. In just one hour, you can show off your very first home made loaf! With some machines, depending on the features you can cook a loaf to your own personal tastes; for instance, if you have a large family, you can cook large loafs, or fruit and nut loafs. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the bread maker is a real talking point in the kitchen environment.
The mechanics of the machine consist of simply an electric mini oven with a mixing paddle inside. Most bread-makers are easy to operate, a lot of the time you will only need to add the ingredients and push a button, the rest is done for you!


Features to Consider:

Delayed Start Time
Almost all of the models now have this feature that delay’s the start time for up to 13 hours. It can be really useful if you want to wake up to a freshly-baked bread.

Dough Cycle
This option is if you want to bake the dough in an oven after it’s been prepared with bread maker; some machines will allow you just to make the dough in them – it’s quicker and less messy than doing it manually

Manual Stop/Cycle Extension
The Manual Stop/Cycle Extension will allow you to stop the process and add more ingredients/Water etc. Also, this allows you to amend the cooking time. Please bear in mind that a lot of the cheaper models will not have this feature

Pre-Programmed Cycle
This can vary from three to about twenty different programmes depending on the model. It allows you to make many different types of bread products. Some also have a separate browning feature which allows you to control the crustiness of the finished loaf.

User-Programmable Cycle
This is an option that is usually only available with the top of the range models, allowing the more experienced baker to programme their own recipe variations.

Add-Ingredients Signal & Auto Dispenser
Sometimes given as a sound or as a light – this will tell you when you can add extra ingredients such as fruit, nuts, seeds etc. So you can really start experimenting with your bread! The higher end models may have a tray inside the unit which adds the secondary ingredients automatically, fruit loaf at the touch of a button!

Style and Colour
There are some compact versions on our website and bigger built-up types as well. They are available in a variety of different colours. It might be a good idea to choose one that will be well-suited to your other kitchen appliances.

Bread MakerCapacity and shape
The important thing to consider is how much you will use the bread-maker, if the answer is on a daily basis, then it might be worth investing in a more up-to date top of the range brand, you can often find these as the prices will unfortunately be higher! But you will get better quality bread made with these ones, so it will be worth the extra money. The bread capacity can vary a lot (Anywhere from 1lb to 2.5lb), as does the size and shape of bread that can be made - whilst some machines will produce a standard sized loaf, others will make three or four different sizes. There are also horizontal and vertical bread pans, as well as ones producing square or rectangular bread

Breadmakers start from around £4 to over £100. As with most products, the lower priced models will offer you less features, whereas the more expensive will have more functions and an all round better quality service.

…Are you a first time bread-maker?
Get the most out of your breadmaker by adding the Tips for Your Breadmaker cookbook, its packed with handy tips and extra recipes.




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