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Kenwood Chef & Kenwood Major - Your helping hand in the kitchen

A must for any serious cook, the Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major have become as important a tool in the kitchen as the toaster or kettle. For over 60 years the now iconic Kenwood Chef mixer is still going strong with sales across the globe, users love the chef’s versatility, its ease of use and the fact that it can cut food preparation times by more than half. The Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major can be your helping hand in the kitchen. Find out more about the range, it’s history and attachments below.

Kenwood Chef & Kenwood Major Kitchen Machines

Kenwood Chef & Kenwood Major Attachments

Kenwood Chef – From Inception to Icon

All the way back in 1950, London born Ken Wood had an idea, and that was to create a mixer that both can complete a number of different kitchen tasks as well as improve upon the many failings of the mixers of the day. The Kenwood Chef was born with the first ever model, the A700. The Kenwood A700 chef was an instant hit in the UK and was the founding stone for the whole Kenwood business which today operates across the world and manufactures a wide range of kitchen products from Kettles to Blenders.

The A700 Kenwood Chef was the first model and in 1960 was upgraded to the A701, which although is now over 40 years old, we still from time to time have them come into our repair centre for service! They were built to such a high standard that 40 years after manufacture, they still help create fantastic meals. From 1970 onwards, the success of the Kenwood Chef was set and new models came out from time to time with improvements and new more modern looks, however all models, even today, stay true to the original philosophy of the planetary mixing hub, simple operation and amazing versatility. The now current range of Kenwood Chef and Major machines are from a major redesign that came to market in 2002. The new look models had a massive overhaul allowing the Chef and Major to take a number of new attachments and provide greater control, the new series machines were the Kenwood Chef KM001 and Kenwood Major KM005, these new look design principles have stuck and carry forward into the current Kenwood range.

Kenwood Chefs for repair in our kenwood repair centreThe two versions of the Kenwood Kitchen Machine are the Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major. The main differences are that the Kenwood Major is a larger machine, with a 6.7 litre work bowl and a more powerful motor, the Major is often used for homes with larger families as well as semi-professional kitchens. The Kenwood Chef comes with a 4.6 litre bowl. The size and power is the main difference between the two models and both of them have a main planetary mixing hub for the work bowl and attachments such as the ice cream maker and potato peeler, a high speed outlet on the top, used for a liquidiser or the food processor attachment. At the front of the machine, there is also a low speed outlet; this is used for the popular AT950 meat mincer attachment as well as the pasta maker.

The versatility of the Kenwood Chef and Major is a major selling point as with one machine in your kitchen you can replace many, the Chef and Major is not just a mixer, with a range of attachments, it can be a coffee grinder, ice cream maker, juicer, grain mill, potato peeler, liquidiser, pasta maker and lots more. In fact, for many of our Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major customers, this is the only tool they have in their kitchen!

New to the range is now also the Kenwood Cooking Chef, this incorporates an induction hob in the bowl, allowing you to both prepare and cook food in the main chef work bowl, a real innovation.

We have been selling the Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major for over 30 years and are experts in the range. We are also a Kenwood approved repair centre and can handle both in and out of warranty work, as well as working on the classic A700, A701 and A900 series Kenwood Chef Machines.

If you love cooking, you will love the Kenwood Chef & Major! Upgrade your kitchen today.