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Who wants a smart a**e in the house?

February 17th, 2010

There’s nothing more frustrating than your other half interfering when you’re cooking, or a housemate butting in with their new-found wisdom on how you should wash the dishes. “You’re not doing that right” and “Here, let me show you”, supported by indiscrete looks and audible huffs and puffs, can easily cause a fall out.

What we can all agree on, however, is no one likes a smart a**e, but what if one arrived in the form of a household appliance? That would be different, right? We reckon so. After reading a post on popularmechanics.com highlighting some smart technology for the home, we now wanted to share it with you. Oh, and we’ve chucked in a few of our products that happen to be clever too!

Another load off your mind


The dishwasher was undoubtedly one of the most popular and innovative appliances of the 20th Century and continues to save us all time, money and stress today.

The Brainiac Dishwasher, however, has just shaken things up a bit. With the aid of its SmartDispense technology, the in-built suds machine automatically release the correct amount of detergent relative to the load. It also calibrates for soil level, water temperature and water hardness, which you can also test against you boiler pressure thanks to a free, useful test kit. Weighing in at around £500, we think it’s worth every penny!

This will make you flush with joy


As toilets go, the Toto Neorest 600 makes your average loo look like a prop from the Flintstones. Once you’ve…finished and appreciated the heated seat, you can then activate the quiet ‘Cyclone Flushing’ engine (a slight contradiction in terms) followed by an automated air deodoriser and bowl cleaner to ensure maximum hygiene. Oh, and not forgetting its rigged sensors that regulate pressure and temperature with front-and-back aerated water spray; all orchestrated by your good self via wireless control. All good clean fun…just make sure you wash your hands after.

The master of all clocks



We like the Zen Clock not because it looks cool and ‘guarantees to get you out of bed in the morning’, it’s the four different scents and six packets of nature sounds that gets our seal of approval. Imagine being woken by the ‘Ocean Surf’ soundtrack before commencing your day? Certainly a gratifying upgrade from the incessant buzzer first thing!

I-want this Robot


The iRobot Roomba 530 Robot Vacuum Cleaner just loves anything from pet hair to food debris and will happily spend boundless hours cleaning and roaming so you don’t have to! This is truly the most intelligent and intuitive vacuum cleaner around, and with innumerable attributes, including ‘cliff sensors’ so not to fall down stairs and awareness of room and floor space so not to waste energy, you’d be crazy not to welcome it into your home.

Let off a little steam every now and then


If you’re a self-confessed, failed multi-tasker when in the kitchen, the ingenious Morphy Richards 48780 Intellisteam Steamer will provide that welcome helping hand – well, three to be precise. This clever devise is able to create whole meals in one, thanks to its three chamber cooking zones. The in-built intelligent timer ensures that each food compartment finishes at the same time, alleviating stress and over-cooked dishes.

See our entire kitchen and cooking range for intelligent and affordable help in your home.

For more information on the products listed visit www.popularmechanics.com

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